Hot pepper jam

Hot pepper jam

How to prepare the chilli jam

The preparation of this jam is simple and fast: clean the peppers: remove the stalk, internal white filaments and seeds. Cut them into very small cubes, in this way you will reduce the cooking time. Do the same with the chillies, but wear gloves.

In a non-stick saucepan pour all the ingredients of the jam: peppers, chillies, sugar, vinegar and water. Simmer over low heat for about 40 minutes, until the vegetables are soft. If the water runs out, pour more to prevent the sugar from caramelizing too much. Go coarsely with the hand blender and finish squeezing your jam until it reaches the right consistency.

Pour into previously sterilized glass jars, close and invert until cool. Check that the vacuum has formed before storing in the pantry, the chilli jam is ready.

Which peppers to use for jam

The varieties of hot peppers are many and have very different characteristics.

For the jam it is better to use variety with quite fleshy fruit, possibly with a thin skin. Spiciness, on the other hand, is subjective: if you make a Carolina Reaper or Habanero jam it will be very spicy, while using jalapeno there will be more space for other flavors.

Variants to the recipe

The hot pepper jam can be enriched in various ways: here are some possible variations.

  • Cloves. Add a clove in cooking for a spicy taste.
  • Yellow peppers. Replace the red pepper with a yellow one: in this way the jam will have a nice amber color.
  • More spicy.You can increase the quantity of chillies or use more or less spicy varieties to have the perfect jam for you.

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