My garden between heaven and earth, by Luca Mercalli

My garden between heaven and earth, by Luca Mercalli

Here is a beautiful book on the vegetable garden, written by Luca Mercalli, climatologist and great popularizer that many will already know, my garden between heaven and earth.

This is not a cultivation manual, the text does not have the ambition to be, but of the reasoned account of the author's garden experience. Luca Mercalli, speaking of his family garden, dwells on the good practices implemented and on the reasons, especially ecological ones, that lead him to cultivate. We could consider it a light book, also because it is smooth and written in a very pleasant way, however it is full of ideas and reflections which can enrich the reader.

I personally enjoyed this book very much the citations inserted in the text: if it were published on the internet it would be full of links, especially the first chapter it talks about agroecology. Luca Mercalli often calls into question other authors, in doing so he is not limited to a bibliographic note: the citations are well contextualized and become a fundamental part of the text. The works cited are often introduced and contextualized, encouraging the reader to deepen. A curious person will find many stimuli and this alone is already worth the price of the book. In short: you thought you had started an agile booklet and could get away with it in one evening, instead you find yourself a few thousand pages to read ... Very well!

There ecological value of the garden is the central theme, we find it starting with the funny subtitle "notes on meteorology and agricultural ecology to save the climate and cabbages“, Which also introduces us to the close relationship between weather and agriculture. The benefits of a garden in terms of sustainability are many, from zero kilometer to pesticide rejection, but in addition to the concrete ones, there is also the connection with nature.

Regarding the cultural indications Luca Mercalli is a very knowledgeable horticulturist, who analyzes the various stages of cultivation with intelligence and method and inserts in the text many great tips. In particular, on the working (and not working) of the soil and on the management of weeds, he writes things that are certainly not taken for granted in main stream agriculture. I find it very useful to find these observations as simple indications of common sense, well explained and motivated, even outside the cage of the various now structured "methods" of natural agriculture (such as synergistic, biodynamic, ...). The hope is that they can achieve in this way too a wider audience, readers who cultivate the garden without much awareness ... They will find in Luca Mercalli's book indications towards a more sustainable and natural agriculture.

A special mention deserves it the chapter on the vegetable garden and the weather, given the author's skills. Luca Mercalli tells how he created a small weather station for his garden and invites us to pay close attention to climatic phenomena.

In conclusion this book it is interesting for anyone who grows a vegetable garden and it's within everyone's reach. It should be disseminated, because the writing is very clear even for those who have no agricultural experience and has the effect of making you want to cultivate.

Where to buy Luca Mercalli's book

My garden between heaven and earth is a book published by Aboca Edizioni and it is quite widespread. If you want to read it, you can look for it in the library, although due to the various indications it may be useful to always have it available to consult and then look for it in the library.

Online you can find it on various shops, I advise you to buy it from Macrolibrarsi, an Italian company very attentive to ecological and sustainability issues. Alternatively, if you are not curious to experience anything else, you can also find it on the usual Amazon.

I remind you that if you follow the two links I put you here to buy you support Orto da Coltivare (as better explained in the transparency page), in case thanks for doing it.

Strong points of the book

  • Clear and pleasant writing style: it is not a demanding reading like that of a manual and the 100 pages of the book flow very well.
  • Great attention is paid to both the practical aspectsi, literally "down to earth", than to the reasons and the impact of our small choices on the planet.
  • The quotes inside the book they are a real treasure trove of reading tips.

To whom do I recommend "my garden between heaven and earth"

  • To those who have uncultivated land and are looking for the motivation to start making a vegetable garden.
  • To those who don't want to read a manual, but want to know more about cultivation.
  • To anyone, because even those who do not cultivate eat the fruits of the earth every day: having a little more “agroecological” awareness would do well.

Book's title: My garden between heaven and earth.

Author: Luca Mercalli

publisher: Aboca Edizioni, 2016

Price: 12 euros

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