The shoot remover: remove the suckers with a brush cutter

The shoot remover: remove the suckers with a brush cutter

Today we discover a very useful application for the brushcutter: the sucker Valmas, which allows you to cut the suckers quickly.

Any blade brushcutter can be used to cut the suckers at the base of the trees.The peculiarity of this specific tool is to have integrated a very comfortable bark protection.

"Suckling" therefore becomes a very fast and safe job: it is impossible to do damage with the protection inserted.

What are suckers and why eliminate them

The suckers are the ones vertical branches that form at the foot of the trees: many species grown in the orchard or in the garden tend to produce them in large numbers. Among the fruit plants, for example, the hazelnut, pomegranate, olive and fig trees are among the most luxuriant in returning to the base.

Keeping the plant tidy and productive is important periodically cut the suckers, preventing them from growing excessively. In fact, as they develop, they would form an additional stem, which generally results in too much in the balance of the tree. Furthermore, all the energy spent on the growth of the sucker is taken from the parts that bloom and is therefore a waste of resources.

To cut the suckers manually you can use shears or loppers, depending on the size, but when the shoots are numerous or you have to do the work on different plants it is it is much more convenient to work with a blade brush cutter.

The use of the brushcutter with cutting system guarantees speed, but you must pay attention to do not damage the bark of the plant, since the suckers generally grow very close to the main trunk of the tree. Damage to the bark is definitely negative for the health of the plant: it is the ideal entry point for pathogens such as fungi and bacteria, even more so as scratches close to the ground, always a source of moisture and microorganisms.

Precisely on this issue the shoot remover Valmas comes into play and its bark-saving device.

Features of the shoot remover

The shoot remover consists first of all in a cutting disc, 255 mm diameter and serrated edges that allow you to cut the suckers cleanly, without excessively weakening the regrowth.

The peculiarity of the Valmas tool is however the protective blade cover, this protection allows you to approach the trunk without fear, given that the indentation allows only small-diameter shrubs (therefore the suckers) to reach the blade and instead keeps the real trunk detached from the cutting disc in action.

The bark saver designed by Valmas it can be placed or removed with a simple movement, without having to disassemble it, so if necessary during work you can decide when to make it operational and move it easily.

The light weight of the device (600 grams excluding the disc) does not make the work burdensome and it is a universal application, adaptable to all models of brushcutters.

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